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Wholesale Clear Lunch Bags
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Large Wholesale Clear Lunch Bags (Case of 50)


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Case of 25: Each Lunch Bag: 11.5″ w x 10″ h x 8″ d

*Proven Smart and Economical Component For Security and Loss Prevention
* School, Business and Correctional Facility Compliant
* Allows Quick Inspection at Checkpoints
*Heavy Duty 5mil PVC
* Comfortable, Adjustable Shoulder Strap
* Large Main Compartment and Zippered Front Pocket


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Buying Wholesale Clear Lunch Bags Has Never Been Easier

Wholesale Clear Lunch Bags, clear handbags and clear backpack policies have been proven to be a smart, economical component in school and workplace security and loss prevention. Purchasing wholesale clear lunch bags for your business,  government or correctional facility allows for quick inspection at checkpoints for unwanted items entering the building and very effective at theft prevention of items leaving the building.
Finding the highest quality,  cheap clear lunch boxes for carrying food to work or school to meet security requirements concerns has become hassle free.
Commending immense respect and a hearty round of applause by contenders and consumers alike, The Clear Bag Store sets a high standard for high quality and efficient products when it comes to daily transport of food or needed items. Not only do these products aid you in hassle-free packing and transportation of your food items, but also provide the perfect solutions to security concerns in many countries across the world.

The Wholesale Clear Lunch Bags Have a Simple, Smart Design

Regardless of whether you have a large lunch or just tons to carry, the large wholesale clear lunch bags can handle anything you need. This top quality plastic is Eco friendly as it is recyclable. The Clear Lunch Bag comes with a hassle free with a large main compartment for greater interior spacing and a front zipper pockets for easy access and mobility. This is a highly functional lunch bag with a large compartment which can hold water bottles and lunch and a front pouch for other needed work or school items. It has an adjustable shoulder strap for comfort and is perfect for so many different uses.
What could be more delightful than a strong and sturdy solution for carrying your lunch when you are traveling to and from work or school? We provide you with the ideal tools necessary to facilitate the transportation of your food in an effortless and clean manner. You need not be afraid of spillages with these wholesale clear lunch bags at your disposal. In addition to being highly dependable, these lunch bags are also beautiful and classy.
The Clear Bag Store provides you with two colors: the bold black and the ultra sporty and feminine pink. These cater to the various preferences and personalities of our clientele. Available in a range of three practical sizes, we understand that different appetites and shifts ask for different proportions. Our primary aim is to provide our customers with good quality, dependable clear bags for work or school with convenient, stylish designs and ordering.
These innovative Wholesale Clear Lunch Bags offer you the option of organizing your food and cleaning essentials in a categorized manner. Our plastic lunch bags come with two large portions where you may store your culinary items. Also, the presence of a front pocket makes it easier for you to carry around tissue papers, a sanitizer, or a hand wash to help clean up later. The adjustable straps makes it easier and comfortable for you to carry.

Using Practical Wholesale Clear Lunch Bags Have Many Benefits:

*Extra security:  Allowing quick inspection, these transparent lunch bags are a blessing in disguise both for the user and the security personnel alike.
*Cleaner options:  With easy soap and water cleaning you can rest assured travel without any worries. Just rinse and let the clear lunch boxes hang to dry.
*Stylish:  Say goodbye to unattractive lunch boxes with these elegant lunch boxes at your service.
*Sterile environment:  Our durable high quality vinyl plastic keeps your food safe under all circumstances. Wholesale clear lunch bags are also used for medical supplies and tools. They are easily disinfected.
*Cater to all ages, men and women:  We provide easy food-carrying options to kids as well as adults. Standard black and eye catching pink wholesale clear  lunch bags are available.

Whole Clear Lunch Bags and Clear Lunch Totes Meet Security Requirements

As an example, our much appreciated friends at the State of North Carolina has a clear bag policy requires that carrying devices be designed for the purpose of transporting staff meals and/or articles associated with work functions in and out of the facility. In general, the prison policy requires items to be removed at the end of each workday. The carrying devices will be searched and clear bags and containers will be allowed with restrictions.
1. Clear purses not to exceed 10”x 12”x 6”.
2. Clear gym bag or clear backpack of reasonable size. Clear gym bags or clear backpacks are not permitted in areas accessible to inmates and must be secured in a locker located in staff locker rooms.
3. Clear Coolers/lunch boxes: Plastic external dimensions may not exceed 15”x 9”x 12”. Only one cooler allowed per staff member. Coolers/lunch boxes must be kept in a secure location (a locked office, refrigerator or personal locker).

Thank you: The Clear Bag Store has something to meet any requirements. We are available to discuss all of your options for clear handbags whether they are for an existing or new security policy. We appreciate your business.

Weight18.8 lbs
Dimensions10 x 11.5 x 11 in