The Clear Bag Store, LLC operates under the parent company of First Alliance Marketing Group, LLC. The Clear Bag Store, LLC designs, manufactures, sells and distributes an extensive line of clear, PVC bags and accessories with the home office and warehouse in St. Louis Missouri.
The Clear Bag Store, LLC is committed to education and growth of the company to meet the growing need of customers who need or want clear handbags for employee, school, correction facilities and airport travel mandates. Clear handbags and clear backpacks have proven to be desirable for their low cost. They are smart and practical, durable and stylish that fills the need security mandates.
We welcome you to visit our site and contact us for your clear hand bag and clear backpack needs. We are excited to work with you, dedicated to quality products and the highest standard of customer service. We appreciate your business and appreciate your time for questions and comments. Give us your feedback.

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