Travelling Made Easy

Travelling Made Easy

Travelling with my family can be a nightmare. Because checking a bag has become so expensive, my entire family frequently travels with carry-on items only. This is easy for my son and husband, who would wear the same clothes for an entire week if I’d let them. However, for my daughter, it’s a different story. She refuses to go anywhere without her arsenal of makeup, shampoo, lotion and I don’t even know what else. Every time we pack, she is put into a panic, desperately trying to fit all of her necessary items into a Ziploc bag.

Whenever I bring up the suggestion that perhaps she doesn’t need to pack all of those things, she again panics, fearful that the right product won’t be available in our vacation spot. Instead, she struggles to fit all her beauty products into the designated one-quart size bag.

Often, while going through security, her items are seriously scrutinized. Many guards have raised an eyebrow at how tightly packed her Ziplock bag usually is. On our way to the Bahamas, a security guard even questioned if that bag would really stay closed.

It turns out that question was prophetic. On the trip, her Ziploc bag burst open. An entire bottle of face wash and half a bottle of moisturizer exploded into her luggage. When we got to our hotel, my daughter was in tears as she pulled out her sundresses and new shorts. Almost all had unsightly stains. She was forced to hand wash all of her clothes in the hotel sink while her brother got to go out and enjoy the beach.

To avoid this incident again, I decided to give her a TSA Compliant Carry On Bag. She absolutely loves it. The pink border makes the bag feel fashionable. It fits the TSA guidelines to the T, but the double zipper ensures that the bag won’t come open in her suitcase.

While clear, the bag is also much sturdier then the Ziplock bags we were using. The bag is lined with two layers of nylon, which will ensure the bag lasts for years. The slick, clear plastic makes for easy clean up in the unfortunate event that some of her bottles leak again and the sturdy bag won’t rip, tear, or leak.

The bag has made security go so smoothly for my daughter that I ended up buying the black one for my son, and his and hers bags for my husband and me. They’re handy not only for liquids, but they also make finding things like passports and plane tickets a snap. Before owning this bag, my husband was almost always searching his backpack for his passport and ticket. It was embarrassing how long he could hold up a line. Now he just finds the sturdy clear bag and it has everything he needs.

With these new clear, one quart sized bags my entire family breezes through security. Travel has never been so easy.

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