Clear Purses: Tips for Looking Your Best

Clear Purses: Tips for Looking Your Best

Word on the street is, not only are clear purses, clear tote bags and clear handbag shoulder bags still going to be the height of organization and convenience in the coming year. They’re also going to remain on top of the must-have fashion lists. Houses ranging from Chanel to Tory Burch set to release clear purses and handbags in 2014. It’s not always the case, but it’s nice when fashion and common sense get together like this.

What this means for anyone who likes to be stylish, of course, is another season sporting clear purses, handbag, or clear tote bag in your everyday activities. That means you have to do some prep work. Clear means no secrets, so if you’re going to look your best you had better make certain you’re ready for the clear purses!

Clear Purses to Keep it  Clean

Nothing’s worse than a dirty handbag. If your standard clutch is filled with gum wrappers, dust, and flakes of makeup and lipstick smears, now’s the time to inspect every item you carry around with you. If you have dirty and worn handbag, you’re going to look dirty and worn. We may not be internationally-renowned fashion experts, we do know that ‘dirty and worn’ is not the hot look of 2014.

Clean what you can, and replace what you can’t. This goes for everything you plan to carry with you. If it doesn’t shine and look fantastic, don’t carry it in clear purses.

Get Clear: Organize

Next, have a plan. Dumping all of your stuff into a clear purse will make that purse look like a dumping ground, and that’s not an attractive look. A clear purse organizer like the one sold at The Clear Bag Store can help by keeping everything neat and tidy, but it goes beyond that. You should be thoughtful in everything you do, and that includes the things you carry in your purse.

Get into a routine of inspecting your purse every day and discarding unnecessary items and generally cleaning it up and organizing it. Beyond making clear purses look their best, this also means you’ll be clutter-free and ready to hit the ground running the next day.

Get Clear: Think about Placement

A clear purse isn’t a magic item. To get the best benefit from it, you have to think about where you place things in it.

For example, being able to see who’s calling you without actually having to open your purse and root around in it is a great advantage – but only if you make certain that your phone is positioned screen-out so you can glance at it without opening the purse. The flip side is, if you want to keep people from creeping on your phone’s screen, position it so it’s hidden. All it takes is a little thought and a little prep work to have a fabulously fashionable 2014!

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