Schools and Everything Else

Schools and Everything Else

The new NFL policy is just the latest advance in the World Domination of Clear Bags – something we’ve been talking about for years now. Schools all over the country have been revising their policies to require clear or mesh bags because of the madness of students bringing weapons to class – like the five year old boy in Tennessee who brought a loaded gun to his elementary school, where it went off in the cafeteria. Luckily, no one was injured – but it’s a wakeup call about the need for more security in our schools. When it comes to keeping children safe, a Clear Bag is a small price to pay – especially when they’re as cool and well-made as the ones we sell ( We’ve got every kind of back your little boy or girl needs to stay safe and carry even the most demanding course load.

It’s not just schools. It’s becoming a Clear Bag world. More offices and other workplaces like correctional institutions and hospitals are requiring clear bags as part of their security screenings. It makes sense – we’re all busy and if you have the choice between standing in line waiting for a pat down and bag search or breezing by as the security team visually inspects your bag, we’d choose the latter – and we’re pretty sure everyone else will, too.

That’s why we’re excited to be back, better than ever. We can’t claim the sort of power and influence to change the world in our image, but we’re kind of smug about being ahead of the clear bag curve. We offer clear bags of all sizes, designs, and looks – each one built to last and great-looking. Come on by and see our new design, test-drive the new user-friendly store, and check out our new lines, including the NFL-compliant bags everyone’s going to want as the new season kicks off!

We’re looking forward to seeing you!

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