wholesale clear plastic tote bags
Large clear tote bag with zipper top. Interior pockets. Can be carried by hand or shoulder.
see through backpack

Wholesale Clear Plastic Tote Bags – Large


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Case of 25:  Each Tote Bag: 16″ w x 16″ h x 7″ d

Item #CTB-03-25
* Security Compliant For School or the Workplace
* Economical Solution for Safety and Theft Prevention
* Strong 5mil plastic, reliable 600d polyester strapping
* Strong 5mil plastic, reliable 600d polyester strapping
* Call for personal ordering service, questions or custom prints
* Convenient interior pockets for cards, pens and cell phone



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The Leading Authority in Wholesale Clear Plastic Tote Bags

We know you are looking for high quality, strong wholesale clear plastic tote bags and we promise to deliver. Heavy Duty 5mil PVC and dependable 600 denier strapping will be and asset to your workplace security plan.

While wholesale clear plastic tote bags are increasingly used in different shapes, sizes and styles, they are also manufactured for rising security concerns and loss prevention. Tote literally means ‘carry’ or ‘convey’ and this is exactly why a clea tote bag is a quintessential item in the accessory collection of every girl. Whether you to go to school, college or office or are a new mom or mom-to-be, a see through tote bag is the absolute every day requirement, as it has enough space to carry around all the important items with ease.
There are numerous uses of a wholesale clear plastic tote bags and The Clear Bag Store is proud of its line of wholesale transparent handbags, which are available in different sizes, colors, and customization options to cater to the creative needs of all different kinds of customers. Whether you are a business owner looking to help with loss prevention or a school looking for the next securtiy weapon against school violence.
Simple tote bags have evolved to glamorous and elegant high-fashion tote bags, although we have made sure that we stick to the basics, while providing our clients the best solution for wholesale clear plastic tote bags. Clear tote handbags at the Clear Bag Store are not only highly effective in carrying around important things, but we have made sure that we give our clients all the creative freedom.
You can easily get your school or company wholesale clear plastic tote bags custom printed with your logo, a visual representation, show school spirit or as a marketing tool. Minimum order of 50 pieces for custom screen printing. Our goal is to provide assistance and solutions to everyone and hence we consider it very important to do the same for all our clients who own businesses. We have introduced this facility as an opportunity to different businesses to get their logos printed on our wholesale clear tote bags, to make our product completely theirs. Multi color printing is also offered. We also offer wholesale clear plastic tote bags in popular printed designs. For instance, our Clear Peace Sign Tote bag and NFL Compliant Black runner design tote bag are absolute hits among our customers.
Why Transparent Tote Bags? Big tote bags for women are ideal because they suit every kind of style and aesthetic. Following are some reasons why every woman should have a tote bag:
1- They look great: Tote bags are highly functional and they look stylish as well. If you are choosing a large tote bag for work, you will be able to create a signature style for yourself through much of your personality being reflected by the bag you are carrying.
2- They have ample space: Tote bags are all about space and that is exactly what every woman looks for in a bag. You can fit in all the necessary items that you require for the day in your large tote bag without worrying too much about running out of space. You will always find more space to fit in extra items.
3- They are versatile: Tote bags can be used for numerous purposes such as they can be carried to school, university, college, or office. They are also a great way to pack up your stuff for a day at the beach. Likewise, they can be great to put in some extra clothes for the gym. If there is any need that you might have which requires a good amount of space for storage, then clear tote bags wholesale are the right option for you.
5- Durability: Plastic tote bags in particular are extremely durable and can last or a few years if you treat them right. The range of clear tote bags wholesale at The Clear Bag Store, is created from fine ultra clear PVC material and the finest quality in zippers and handles. These bags can be re-used for a longer period, providing great value for money to clients.
6- Gift item: Tote bags make great gift items! With the customized range of clear tote bags wholesale at The Clear Bag Store, you can pick up customized tote bags as gift items. Is your pet-lover friend, recently having her birthday? She would love our clear paw tote bag!

Why wholesale clear plastic tote bags?

Wholesale clear plastic tote bags are preferred by many businesses as they have numerous security-related and personal benefits. Following are some of the top advantages of clear tote bags:
1- Visibility: The best thing about a clear tote bag is the fact that in case you are packing important things to carry, you will not have to search through the whole bag in case you forget something. You can move around the bag and see what is missing. It saves a lot of time!
2- Easy cleaning: You can carry just about anything in a plastic transparent tote bag. There is a chance that you might drop or spill something in it that needs to be cleaned; it could be ink, foundation, or the pet food you are carrying with you. A clear plastic tote bag is easy to clean and there is no chance that it will retain the stains.
3- Uni-sexual look: Totes are not becoming the latest in fashion for men. Wholesale clear plastic tote bags are generally preferred by women. With clear laptop bags, a clear duffle bag or clear backpacks, men can confidently carry in their laptops or extra clothes for gym, while perfectly maintaining their masculine image.
4- Security reasons: Wholesale clear plastic tote bags are a great way to save your time during checking at the work, football games, amusement parks, schools and all security checkpoints. Inspectors will just look at all the things that are present in your bag and will let you go quickly.
Moreover, airport checking also becomes easy with these bags – airport officials will not throw away your expensive lotions or foundations if they are not stored in a clear makeup bag. They also ensure that none of the liquids that you are carrying will drip anywhere on important documents or other items in your luggage for a trouble free journey.
Some places have made the usage of these clear totes a compulsion for security issues. NFL – National Football League only allows clear plastic PVC or vinyl bags to enter the venue for security reasons.

Wholesale clear plastic tote bags are perfect for your school, business or event. We are here to help. Just give us a call. We appreciate your business.

Weight21 lbs
Dimensions7 x 16 x 16 in

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