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Large heavy duty wholesale clear book bags for school or work security mandates. Big and roomy. Front pockets and mesh water battle pocket.
wholesalse large clear book bags
Wholesale Clear Book Bags for School or Work Security Mandates
see through backpack

Wholesale Clear Book Bags – Large (Case of 10)


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Case of 10 – Each Backpack: 15.75″ h x 14″ w x 9″ d

*  Commercial Grade, Heavy Duty, Strong and Durable
*  Certified Lead-Free, Freeze Proof Down to 0 Degrees
*  Comfortable, Adjustable Reinforced Should Straps
*  Large, Roomy, Stuffable Main Compartment with Many Organization Pockets for Easy Access
*  Oversized Dependable Zippers, Convenient Mesh Water Bottle Holder
*  Prompt, Friendly Service and FAST Shipping


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The Leading Authority in Wholesale Clear Book Bags

Clear handbags and clear backpacks are a great way to carry school or college related materials. Strong dependable wholesale clear book bags are a important safety component in many schools and businesses however,  parents need to make sure that their younger children are properly using them to keep their backs safe.  Read more:

Book bags, in general, and school backpacks, in particular, have never gotten the attention they require. However, as the days go by, it is becoming a growing concern for majority of the parents. American students get a lot of homework and they really need to carry loads of books with them.
Many parents are getting increasingly concerned about the health effects of their children carrying heavy bags, as muscles are in the stage of development throughout childhood and hence, a child is prone to develop health problems in this age bracket. Therefore, it is essential for parents to choose the right type of a book bag for their children to ensure that the bag properly carries the weight of the books rather than stressing out the back muscles of children.
Reference materials, school supplies, notebooks, and textbooks are all bulky and heavy. Students need to carry their academic materials and books on a regular basis, and hence, require a practical way to tote all their belongings. The Clear Bag Store cares for the protection and health of young students and therefore, has carefully created an entire range of wholesale clear book bags, to make sure that no harm comes to your children.
Our range of wholesale clear book bags comprises of clear backpacks, clear shoulder bags, and clear tote bags, as all of these different types of book carriers are carefully created keeping the needs and health of school kids and employees in mind.
We recommend parents and students to keep the following tips in mind before selecting any kind of a book bag:
1- Design Type
For younger kids, it is important to select backpacks or book bags with wide straps so that high comfort is ensured on the shoulder and the weight is evenly distributed on the back to ignore any health related concerns in the future. A waist belt is also recommended for younger students to balance out the weight of the school backpack, as it minimizes the load exerted on the back.
2- Material Type
Book bags created from a lighter material should always be a priority, especially if the books are heavy. Bags created with lighter weight material are kid-friendly and easy to wash. The Clear Bag Store has focused on keeping its range of high-quality plastic bags, very lightweight, to ensure that extra pressure is not exerted on the shoulders. These wholesale clear book bags are not only health-friendly but are also extremely durable.
3- Compartments
School backpacks or tote bags should have numerous compartments for even distribution of the weight, all across the bag. These compartments also come very handy to store and locate various small items, such as water bottles and cell phones.
4- Ethics
As much as it is important for parents to choose the right kind of a school backpack for their children, it is equally important for them to teach their kids how to wear a backpack properly. Both straps of the backpack should be placed properly on the shoulders. Some kids have a habit of slinging the backpack to only one shoulder, which is bad for the overall body posture and muscles present in the neck and shoulders.
This uneven distribution of weight can also strain the shoulder and neck muscles if it made an everyday habit. Students, who wear their school backpacks in this manner, can also experience back pain.
5- Stay updated
In case of younger children, parents should make it a habit of checking the weight of their school book bags. The weight of the school backpack should not go beyond 10 to 15 percent of the child’s body weight. If the backpack weighs more than that, it can increase the risk of nerve compression along with deformed back growth like rounded shoulders. It will exhaust your child faster by straining and tiring out the muscles quickly.
Clear tote bags for school:
As compared to backpacks, for college use, tote bags from our wholesale clear book bags collection are recommended, as they are easy to manage. Since the weight of the books is reduced in colleges, students can use these bags as a stylish alternative to backpacks to store their notebooks, makeup bags, and stationary. The clear plastic tote bags have comfortable handles that can also be carried on the shoulder.
It is the responsibility of every parent to care about the safety of their child. It is up to them to ensure that their book bags or see thru school backpacks are used properly and safely. Ensuring these backpack safety tips will help your child in maintaining the right physical posture and staying fit. Moreover, The Clear Bag Store would also like to stress that numerous research studies show that kids who carry heavy backpacks get tired more easily, as this directly affects their academic performance in a negative way.
The Clear Bag Store and Social Awareness:
We believe in social causes and that reflects within our collection of wholesale clear book bags. We want to empower young girls in America to spread breast cancer awareness, and as a souvenir, we have created our Clear ‘Fight Like A Girl’ tote bag. We believe that breast cancer awareness is extremely important among young girls and hence, this clear tote bag from our collection is a representation of the bright future that we wish to see in the global community. Our love for world peace is also reflected through our clear peace sign tote bag. It is one of the fastest selling bags from our wholesale clear book bags collection. Any college student carrying it is sure to spread peace on the go, while staying in style.

We are here to help you with your options, questions or custom orders. Give us a call. We are excited to work with you and appreciate your business. Thank you.

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