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Wholesale Clear Backpacks – Medium (Case of 10)


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Case of 10 – Backpack Size:  13.75″ h x 12″ w x 8.25″ d

*  Strong, dependable 5 mil PVC, 600d polyester strapping
*  Meets school and workplace security requirements
*  Quality stitching and plastic hardware
*  Comfortable, adjustable straps
*  Interior and exterior organizational pockets
*  Dependable #10 Zippers
*  Water resistant


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The Leading Authority in Wholesale Clear Backpacks

Transparent, clear handbags are manufactured in different styles and shapes to suit the needs of different people. Wholesale clear backpacks are great for school-going kids and to meet workplace regulations alike because they are heavy duty, tough and strong!
Backpacks are an absolute must for every school student! They look great and the best thing about them is the fact that adults are using them more than school going kids these days. With most of the nineties fashion being bought back in latest trends in the year 2014, backpacks for teenage girls and women also made a way back this year. With the fashion-conscious school going kids of today, wholesale clear backpacks seem like the ideal option.
Here is why we think every school-going kid needs to carry a backpack:
Storage and organization:  Let it be kids from junior high, high school or elementary school, they all lose things easily and need to have great storage to keep books and other materials. That is why; a backpack for such students is an ideal choice. It provides great space and is easy to carry.
Moreover, backpacks these days are designed keeping all the students’ requirements in mind. Backpacks for schools these days have multiple pockets to keep water bottles, cell phones, trapper keepers and other important materials.
With the wholesale clear backpacks collection at The Clear Bag Store, students can make sure that they will not lose any of their items, as this range comprises of high-quality, see-through plastic bags. So, every time you think you have forgotten something, you can just look around the exterior of the bag and see what you are missing.
With multiple pockets on the front and the sides, we have made sure that unorganized students can make the best of use of our wholesale clear backpacks collection.

Durability of Wholesale Clear Backpacks:

Before kids backpacks for school came into being, they were used by outdoors men, so it is obvious that if a backpack is used properly it can last for a few years. A high-quality backpack will be created for wear and tear and high water resistance. Our kids backpacks for school are created to resist every day wear and tear and since they are created out of high-quality plastic material, they are easy to wash and have high durability.
Ergonomics:  A normal book bag exerts all the weight on one side, which can have negative consequences on the general health and posture of a child. However, a backpack for school kids provides equal weight distribution and hence is recommended by doctors as well.
Classroom Safety:  In order to ensure classroom safety, many schools have made it mandatory for their students to carry clear plastic or vinyl backpacks. Therefore, we have created our wholesale clear backpacks collection in a manner that they do not only match with these security concerns to provide the maximum security to school going kids, but they also look amazing on every kid that carries it.
Selection: Our range includes different wholesale clear backpacks sizes and colors to match the visual liking of everyone. We understand that young girls are hesitant to carry black school book bags and therefore we have manufactured pink clear school backpacks for them.
We also have an ongoing sale at The Clear Bag Store for our young school-goers, which comprises of a clear backpack, lunch bag and pencil case at a discounted price to enable our young customers try every important school-related item from our collection.
Wholesale clear backpacks are not only to be used by school-goers; travelers have become known as “backpackers” over the years. They prefer backpacks as they focus on bare necessities with absolute comfort while traveling. There are numerous advantages of traveling with a clear backpack. If wholesale clear backpacks are not large enough, try one of our clear shoulder bags. Too big? How about clear tote bags or clear lunch bags.
Ease of Use and Visual Access: Ease is the first expectation of every traveler from a backpack. Whether you are heading up terrains or mountains, dragging huge suitcases just do not work. Moreover, while walking long distances, you cannot carry a shoulder bag, as you will just be exhausted after a while.
Travel backpacks provide the most ease while traveling as they can be easily transported. It is fun and easy to travel with backpacks as they exert equal pressure on your back and thus you do not feel weighed down during your journey.
Low-Cost: Travel backpacks are inexpensive as compared to other types of travel luggage. As compared to gear bags, briefcases, carryalls and suitcases, travel backpacks provide the best value for money for storage they provide. Therefore, it is ideal for travelers who are on a budget.
Easy to Store: Let it be train, plain, or bus, travel backpacks can be easily stored anywhere. Especially if you have a vinyl backpack, you will not face problems during checking at the airport with the officials.
Wholesale clear backpacks at The Clear Bag Store are manufactured especially for security concerns and they can be seamlessly used for extensive traveling journeys. Since they are created out of heavy duty 5 mil PVC plastic, you will not have to worry about breaking or damaging them throughout your journey.
Travel backpacks can be easily kept in the overhead compartments of buses and trains and do not have to be restricted to outer storage. Backpacks are designed to fit confined and awkward spaces as compared to traditional luggage carriers.
Organization: Wholesale clear backpacks from our collection are carefully manufactured to suit the requirements of all our clients. Our clear backpacks are very travel-friendly with numerous pockets, high-quality zippers, and straps to ensure a trouble-free and smooth journey. Also, during traveling one needs to change between things quickly; at one moment a traveler might need the ticket, the next moment a water bottle.
Various compartments in our wholesale clear backpacks make sure that travelers can easily get all the things that they require without working too hard to get them. Besides, since our book bags are see-through, you would which item is kept where.
Custom Printing Available:  We also offer customization on our bags to enable our customers have a signature of their personality of them. Custom printing on wholesale clear backpacks is fast and easy with only a 50 piece minimum. We know you have spirit!!

Thank you for your business and we are just a phone call away to help with your order or new Clear Bag Policy.

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