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Large Clear Lunch Bags

Large Clear Lunch Bags with Bottom Compartment


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9.5″ W x 13″ H x 7″ D
Item #CLB-03

* Very big and roomy.
* Large enough for the double shift
* Convenient, comfortable handles
* Smart lower pocket design
* Meets security requirements at school or work

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The Leading Authority in Large Clear Lunch Bags

Looking for durable, high quality large clear lunch bags? The Clear Bag Store has immense respect for correctional officers for their everyday services to protect the masses through keeping the security high. We are proud to present our collection of all clear bags to serve the public with proper storage tools to help them in everyday activities.

Both office and school going individuals appreciate our collection of large clear lunch bags. They are created keeping high durability in mind so that our customers can enjoy them until a longer time. We believe in providing high value for money and this reflects from all the products that The Clear Bag Store has to offer.
The engineering and design of our large clear lunch bags are conducted keeping the requirements of school and office going individuals in mind. At The Clear Bag Store, we never compromise on quality, as it is the primary unique selling point of our business. We just want to ensure that our clients are satisfied with our products, enjoy them, and can use them on daily basis bearing with all the rules and regulations of their schools and workplaces.
Functional:  The smart design of these large clear lunch bags comprise of two major portions where your items can be stored. We understand the requirements of our clients and thus we have provided a bottom pocket in our clear vinyl lunch bag  design so that food items, which need to be in a separate portion, are kept there. The bottom pocket can also be used to keep other non food items or any other school or work related necessities, which needs to be carried around.
Our large clear lunch bags are created with high quality vinyl plastic, which is not only durable but is also extremely safe. Therefore, everyone can be assured that these large clear lunch bags  will not harm the food in any way possible.

Large Clear Lunch Bags are Security Compliant

The Clear Bag Store saw and recognized the importance of high quality large clear lunch bags because of the restrictions that schools, offices, corrections facilities and other special events and organizations are imposing to keep the security high. Food is an essential every day item that majority of the school students and employees carry with them and it is important for it to be contained in a clear lunch box. Large clear lunch bags wholesale are available by The Clear Bag Store to provide safety to school and workplaces while keeping the clear handbags highly functional and convenient for the employees and students. Wholesale clear plastic handbags and clear backpacks are a cost effective component to a new age security plan.
Convenient Selection:  These large clear lunch bags also have high quality strap handles for comfort and convenience. We have manufactured our collection keeping these needs in mind. Our clear vinyl lunch bags are available in three sizes: small, medium, and large to cater to all sorts of audience. It does not matter how much food you want to carry with you, the space is definitely not going to be a problem, perfect for the double shift.
Small lunch bags wholesale can be easily used by young school going children and can be fit in our clear duffle bags and clear backpacks. Large clear vinyl lunch bags are meant for people with a big appetite and are mostly used by office going individuals with longer shifts.
Easy Cleaning: Food can sometimes create a lot of fuss but with our lunch bags wholesale, you will not have to take any stress. You can cut off to worry about any stains that may reside after washing, as it will just not happen. Any food that drops in our clear vinyl lunch bags can be easily cleaned before it creates any further mess. After the wash, you will have your lunch bag shining just the way it was before.
Styles and Colors:  The Clear Bag Store offers clear lunch bags available in two different styles and two colors: black and pink. While the color black reflects a strong work ethic, pink signifies uniqueness and femininity. It does not matter whether you are a hardcore workaholic or need a little attention; we have solutions for everyone. The range we offer is the primary reason why our clients love our collection. We have carefully designed our products in a manner that it becomes easy and enjoyable for our customers to follow the security regulations of their schools and workplaces.
Solutions: The primary focus of The Clear Bag Store is offer solutions to the masses to enter places that have strict security concerns, regulations, and mandates. With our range of clear lunch bags, clear totes bags and clear backpacks, correctional officers will not waste your time too much as all the contents of your bag will be visible. Clear vinyl lunch bags enable fast inspection for weapons or other illegal items at mandated venues. The Clear Bag Store has immense respect for such security measures as they ensure strong protection of the masses.
Custom Printing: We are also keen to provide branding solutions to businesses that have mandated entrance. We offer Custom Printing solutions for businesses who want to ensure uniformity at their workplaces. There is a small initial scree set up fee of $30. Your business logo printed on clear lunch bags is economic and functional. The minimum order of custom printed bags is only 50 pieces.
FAST Shipping: We provide fast delivery of our products. All orders received before 3pm CST ship the same day.
Wholesale Clear Lunch Bags are available.
Customer Service:  The work of the Clear Bag Store is not just limited until the delivery. We are famous for our customer service. In case of any problem, we reply quickly and try our level best to resolve the issues. We believe that great businesses are established on excellent customer service. We follow this approach as our core business value.
We are here to help. Give us a call to discuss your options for clear lunch bags. Custom printing or special instructions. We love your constructive criticism and cleaver ideas. We appreciate your business. Thank you.

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