Pharmaceutical Confusion and the His and Hers Cosmetic Bags

Pharmaceutical Confusion and the His and Hers Cosmetic Bags

Mom and Dad had reached that age where they each had a host of pills to take every day. We joked that it ran in our family, since I’d started taking thyroid meds just a few years ago, so the three of us had our collection of various things to take. We were lucky, though; Mom and Dad were healthy enough, and taking fistfuls of pills every day to keep it that way seemed like a small price in the grand scheme of things.

They were determined to not let the pills slow them down, too, and usually devoted some time every morning to organising their pills and packing them up so they could be mobile all day and stay on their medication schedule. They weren’t living a wild lifestyle, but they liked to drive out to little towns to do some shopping and sightseeing and have some lunch, or to visit their kids and grandkids. They didn’t want to feel tied down to the house, so they hauled what amounted to a small pharmacy with them wherever they went, and it became a family tradition to do an impression of Mom walking around saying ‘This said take with orange juice. Now, where can I find orange juice?’

Mom and Dad’s pill packing had one problem: a lot of their pills looked the same. At first they loaded everything into plastic baggies, but then they would forget which one was which. Then they started labelling the bags, but even then there were some scary moments when the wrong bag was grabbed up in a rush, and twice the flimsy bags broke and pills mixed together freely, causing panic. Plus, the thin plastic bags didn’t last long and my parents were always running out of them, leading to the time my father just stuffed his day’s pills into his trouser pockets and they all slipped out when he sat down in the car, littering the car floor.

So when I saw the His and Hers cosmetic bags at my newest shopping obsession, The Clear Bag Store I instantly ordered them. These were perfect! Clearly labelled by sex, there would be no more confusion about which collection of identical white pills was which. They were sturdy, so there would be no accidents and no need to constantly replace them. They were waterproof, so short of being dunked in the ocean the pills would be safe. And finally, they were perfectly clear, so my parents could easily inspect them every evening and be sure they had taken all of their medications that day.

And yes, I got one for myself – and for my husband. I’m the only one in my marriage taking pills right now, but it can’t last for long. My husband’s not exactly a health nut. I haven’t told him yet. I figure, let him think he’s still young while he can, right? Click here to check it out.

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