NFL Goes All Clear

NFL Goes All Clear

If you’re a football fan, you know that sound you heard last week was millions of women screaming as one in outrage over the new NFL All Clear bag policy, which limits the type and size of bags that will be allowed into NFL team stadiums – they all have to be clear, aside from small clutch-style purses you can’t fit a foam finger or a good supply of body paint into. You’ve probably also heard about the chaos that has ensued. Some stadiums are denying entry to people who bring the wrong bags, while others have quite a mess with chaotic and poorly run bag checks.

Avoid all the hassle with our line of NFL-Compliant Totes!

With or without a super-cool football Run logo, our line of NFL-Compliant Totes are guaranteed to pass muster at every stadium. Like all of our products, these bags are tough and sturdy, easy to clean, and really stylish. And available in pink and black so boys and girls can coexist peacefully.

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