Me, the Lunch Genius, and My Medium Fleur De Lis Tote Bag

Me, the Lunch Genius, and My Medium Fleur De Lis Tote Bag

I work in a tiny office. There’s just seven people including our boss, and it’s all very casual and good-natured. We’re all professionals, we all do our jobs, and there’s no stress or yelling or trouble. Performance reviews are done over cups of tea, the boss just steps out of his tiny office to make announcements instead of sending out impersonal memos, and we all even like to have a drink or two after work together sometimes. I may not be getting rich, but I really enjoy my workday, and not many are lucky enough to say that.

We have a nice little tradition where each of us take turns going out to pick up lunch orders. Everyone phones in what they want, and each day a different person heads out to make the rounds and pick everything up. Even the boss takes turns, which is super nice. I like the idea of it, but I started to really dread when it was my turn. First of all, it was always raining on my Lunch Day. Always. And so I’d arrive back at the office carrying several dissolving paper bags, with no hand free for an umbrella. Dripping, I’d sit and eat my own lunch with a growing sense of resentment. I started bringing in a plastic tote bag to place everyone’s lunch orders into, which kept them dry, but then I kept forgetting someone’s lunch because I couldn’t see who I had already picked up, and kept having to head out for a second round.

This was threatening to ruin my joie de vivre in the office and – more importantly, ruin lunch for everyone, until I discovered the Medium Fleur De Lis Tote Bag from the Clear Bag Store.

This bag is perfect. It’s big and tough – perfect for lugging a bunch of hot lunches around. It’s attractive – I love the Fleur De Lis design, and I don’t mind carrying this baby around at all. It’s waterproof, which keeps crisps crisp and hot things hot. And most importantly for Lunch Day purposes, it’s clear. So now when my day comes around, rain or shine, I can tell at a glance how much progress I’d made and whose lunch was still waiting to be picked up. As an added bonus, there’s no more confusion when I get back to the office, either, because everyone can see their order in the bag and distribution is orderly and fast. Which, as anyone who’s ever had lunch in their life knows, is crucial when you’re starving.

Now everyone in the office has one, and we’re considering a motion to rename Lunch Day as Fleur De Lis Day, but there’s some sentiment that we should never forget the true purpose is to actually get everyone’s lunch. However the office votes, all I know is that the clear tote saved our lunch.

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