Let’s See What Ya Got!

Let’s See What Ya Got!

Short of duct tape and spray paint how can you decorate and customize your clear backpack? But who knows? Show us what ya got! Please drop us a note to let us know your favorite or most creative ideas!! Express yourself and personalize your clear book bag to be cool and eye catching. Don’t forget to check out our accessories page to get your hot new backpack straps from our good friends at Gutzy Gear. Your will love the look of decorative patches that you can give or trade with your friends. How about permanent non toxic markers or bling it up with stick on diamond and rhinestones? What? Glow in the dark paint…..love it!! Key chains, zipper pulls, letter initial stickers and we love reflectors and reflective tape for safety. The sky is the limit. Would it be helpful if theClearBagStore.com offered non toxic markers, stickers and bling on our site? How do we know? We want to hear from you!
Send us your personalized clear backpack and clear handbag photos to enter for a life time of free clear backpacks, clear laptop bags, clear lunch bags, clear gym bags, clear tote bags, airport compliant TSA carry on travel cosmetic bags…okay, okay you got the idea. Any clear bag. Every year we will send you a brand new clear bag of your choice. Any clear bag, every year!! Don’t forget to send a pic of yourself.
You know the program. That’s your homework. Now get to it and we will see you soon!

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