Helpful Solutions

Helpful Solutions

If your house is anything like ours, no one likes to be told what to do and what not to do. The same is true for dress codes, mandated school policies and also new clear backpack and clear handbag requirements. As far as school mandates go many have set standards on baggy pants or short skirts. Many schools have always had a uniform code and others are considering new policies on fashion trends, cell phones and electronic devices which disrupt the flow of the day and concentration on studies. Often the uniform debate is the dilemma of taking away the student individuality and opportunity to express themselves, or is the school uniform a beneficial part for students to see past the clothing and concentrate on whats inside? Does individuality of dress limit emotions or even prevent cries for help? Will the school uniforms create a superior learning environment with far fewer distractions, create a sense of pride and being a part of a group and even help prevent the media’s hot button of bullying?
At this is a interesting topic due to the fact that we proudly fill the need for mandated products such as clear backpacks, clear laptop bags and clear gym bags for school, clear lunch bags for work and airport TSA compliant carry on cosmetic bags for airline travel. It is easy to see both sides of all arguments. Often the transition of clear bags for employees and schools is not an easy one. We are here to help with those issues. At our Director of Sales is very aware and sensitive of concerns arising from new policies. Give us a call. We can help with your individual student and employee issues with friendly helpful solutions.

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