Clear Shoulder Bags – Fashion and the KISS Principle

Clear Shoulder Bags – Fashion and the KISS Principle

Clear Shoulder Bags from The Clear Bag Store are highly functional and sharp. The old admonition ‘keep it simple, stupid’ (often abbreviated as KISS) has been attributed to the success or failure of political campaigns, advertising, and even the design of video games. In the world of fashion it reflects a current trend towards minimalist designs and versatile clothing and accessories.  Putting form over function and celebrating the simple beauty of clean lines, sturdy construction, and a casual, go-anywhere flare.

For the budget-conscious fashionista looking to stay on-trend, there’s one aspect of their look that often gets short shrift when pursuing a minimalist. A simple outfit that can go anywhere and do anything. The easiest way to accessorize any modern outfit is by adding clear shoulder bags like our favorite line sold by The Clear Bag Store.

Clear Shoulder Bags Keep It Simple yet Elegant

Nothing says ‘minimal’ like clear shoulder bags. Many limit all color and frills in exchange for a bag defined solely by its lines and its high quality. You can’t point to the feathered lining or the brass hardware of a clear tote, after all; the bag has to live or die purely on the power of its conception and construction. That’s why minimalist designers celebrate clear shoulder bags for work, school or travel. Without superficial aspects to distract, the bag has to stand on its own as a piece of design.

That’s where the KISS principle comes into play. You can’t ‘over-design’  gorgeous clear shoulder bags because all the unnecessary stuff is impossible. You either come up with a classic and useful bag that looks great with today’s minimalist fashion and still gets the practical jobs done, or you don’t. There’s no hiding it behind a lot of silly stuff.

Clear Shoulder Bags: Design and Features

Of course, successful clear shoulder bags depends on a lot more than simply being clear. They have to have a lot more going on as well:

Design. Not all clear shoulder bags and totes are the same. Just because they’re all clear doesn’t mean they all work as accessories. The best clear shoulder bag will show some thought behind what a tote bag gets used for. It will include a spacious interior with some optional pockets for specific storage, it won’t have a lot of decoration that actually makes it less than clear.

Manufacture. Clear shoulder bags also has to be strong. No amount of clever design or outfit-appropriateness will get someone to use a tote bag twice if it proves to be useless for its main purpose, which is, in case we’ve forgotten, toting things. Strong handles that remain comfortable in the hand and on the shoulder. An overall tough material and manufacturing process for heavy objects is an absolute must.

The minimalist movement isn’t a flash in the pan; it’s got legs and is set to influence design going forward for years. Get into the trends by acquiring your own high-style, high-quality gorgeous clear shoulder bag today!

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