Davis Wade Stadium Clear Bag Policy

Davis Wade Stadium Clear Bag Policy

Davis Wade Stadium Puts in Place a Clear Bag Policy

Davis Wade stadium clear bag policy is in place as fan safety has become one of the most heated subjects in the sports management arena. Many sports management boards and universities are putting in place measures to enhance the safety of every fan in their stadiums. Moreover, big conventions are following suit to enhance their security provision to their fans.

The latest entrant into the security foray is the Mississippi State with the implementation of the clear bag policy in 2016 football season mat the Davis Wade Stadium. The clear bag policy takes effect starts on September 3, 2016, in the first game against South Alabama. This follows the NFL model that is gaining adoption in schools, colleges, and organizations around America and beyond. Some of the leading states taking up these measures include South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Florida, and Alabama and may more.  (image)

Clear bags allowed at Davis Wade Stadium

Davis Stadium officials will only allow clear tote bags that are not larger than 12” X 6” X 12” or the clear freezer bags that do not exceed the size of one gallon. The only non-clear bags that will make it to the stadium are small hand-held purses that do not the size of 4.5” X 6.5”. The stadium did not stop the fans from carrying electronic gadgets such as the smart phones, binoculars, and cameras. However, the items will have to be carried without their cases. In addition, only one bag and a clutch will be allowed by one fan.

There will be the exception of those that use the medical gadgets or medication that required one to keep them away from the sunshine. The stadium officials at the entrance will implement this exception.

In a statement, the state said that the implementation of these rules would help expedite the process of entry into Davis Wade Stadium. It saw this as a perfect balance between the safety of the spectators and the convenience of having the bags in the stadium. In fact, it has set four lanes for the fans that will get into the stadium without any bag. Like in many stadiums across the USA, there are always long lines as fans wait to be cleared at the entrance

How does the clear bag improve security?

A clear bag is easily searched without one having to open the bag. Having a clear bag at the entrance will help reduce the faulty searches. It also allows easy spotting of the prohibited items by the officials at the entrance to the stadium.

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