Clear PVC Backpacks: My Son is Wearing a Floral Tank Top

Clear PVC Backpacks: My Son is Wearing a Floral Tank Top

Could clear PVC backpacks be our solution? My twins, Jessica and Jon, have very similar interests. They both joined scouts organizations and both love camping. The only thing they really differ in is taste in clothes. Jessica loves to dress distinctly feminine while Jon loves loose fitting ‘skater’ clothes.

Over a long weekend, both of my kids had separate scouting events to go to. Jon had a camping trip, where he would spend the weekend fishing and learning how to start fires with the other boys in his troop. Jessica had a white water rafting adventure, where she and the other girls would be guided down exciting rapids, ending with a relaxing swim in the river.

The morning they were set to meet up with their respective troupes, we were late as usual. Rushing the kids out the door, I had them toss their backpacks into the trunk of the car. Both of them had matching, black backpacks.

I dropped off Jessica first. She was the last of her troupe to arrive. All of the other girls had already packed the car and were waiting on us. In a hurry, Jessica hugged her brother goodbye, gave me a kiss on the cheek, and snatched her backpack from the trunk of the car. As I was waving goodbye to her, my son glanced at the clock and urged me to hurry. ‘They’re going to leave without me, we’re already late!’

So I drove off, rushing to my next destination. Jon’s friends were waiting for him and he grabbed his backpack, running to the car, apologizing for being late. ‘Have fun!’ I shouted to him as they drove off.

I spent the weekend relaxing quietly with my husband and on the Monday holiday drove to each troupe leader’s houses, excited to see how my children’s’ weekend had been. I wish I had had a camera to capture their long faces.

When I picked Jessica up, she was dressed in her brother’s over sized t-shirt and shorts, which she constantly had to pull up. ‘I grabbed Jon’s backpack.’ She told me through her forlorn expression. ‘I had to wear clothes that didn’t fit me the whole trip and had to borrow someone else’s bathing suit!’

As we drove to pick up Jon, I prepared myself for what may await. As I pulled up the driveway of the troop leaders hours, I saw my son, squeezed into his sisters pink floral tank top. He had tried to survive the whole week wearing just the clothes he left in, but had slipped in the mud and was forced to resort to his sister’s clothes, clothes that were two sizes too small.

Are Clear PVC Backpacks the Solution?

That night, I went online and found the perfect solution to their woes: Clear PVC backpacks. Now, even when they are in a hurry, they are able to determine, without any doubt, which bag belongs to which twin. Never again will my son or daughter be forced to spend the weekend wearing each others clothes. They love the clear PVC backpacks and I am sorry to say, Jon really enjoyed the attention his sisters tank top gave him a little too much.


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