Clear Messenger Bag: The Most Useful Bag in History?

Clear Messenger Bag: The Most Useful Bag in History?

When it comes to fashion, whether it’s shoes, clothing, or bags, there are always two sides to the story. On the one hand there are the official fashion trends that descend on us like pronouncements from Mount Olympus. They filter downward from designers and gurus until they wind up, years later, in the bargain bins at department stores. On the other hand is the real-world trends that have more to do with attractive utility than anything else. The hottest trend in the world of bags right now isn’t coming out of Paris or Milan. It’s coming from the streets of our cities and towns, where people are realizing that the traditional urban messenger bag, reinvented into a clear messenger bag, made from durable clear plastic vinyl, may be the most useful bag in history.

The Urban Clear Messenger Bag

The clear messenger bag has several practical advantages. On the one hand, it was designed from the ground up to be a useful bag for carrying various things around. The professional messengers who originally embraced the design knew they would be expected to transport just about anything, and the bag they made into a standard evolved to accommodate a great many different objects and materials.

The other advantage of the urban clear messenger bag is its city style. Designed for the mean streets of a bustling downtown, where messengers had to navigate crowds and traffic as quickly as possible in order to get their time-sensitive materials to their destination, the clear messenger bag took on its classic look under the pressures of utility, durability, and engineering – it had to be comfortable and easy to carry hands-free, but strong and deep enough to accommodate everything that needed to be carried. The end result is a classic look that still serves a practical purpose while being stylish.

Clear Plastic Vinyl for the Win

The classic urban messenger bag has updated in rugged, durable clear plastic vinyl – and the end result is spectacular. Because now the classic urban messenger bag has been transformed into fresh, modern clear messenger bag combining the old-school practicality and usefulness with a brand new modern look, organization and convenience.

The clear plastic vinyl adds an extra benefit. Convenience by being able to see everything you have stored in it for easy retrieval. As a result of its classic look, strength and durability, and unparalleled utility, a clear messenger bags is off the streets and into the office in place of old-school briefcases. In schools in place of old-fashioned backpacks which will not hold a 17″ laptop.

It’s often surprising how something that’s been around for a long time can suddenly be made fresh and modern with a single innovation. That’s exactly what’s happened with the urban clear messenger bag. The simple addition of durable clear plastic vinyl has taken it out of the past and into the future, and everyone is getting on board. It makes one wonder what other old classics could be updated and improved with the modern clear look – the possibilities are endless.

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