Clear Bags: Winging It

Clear Bags: Winging It

It’s a modern problem, and a first world problem, but it was my problem: The family needed new laptops. I needed one for my work, my wife needed one for the house, and our kids needed them for school. We discussed tablets, but laptops seemed tougher, better able to travel and take abuse. Plus, I thought I was super smart when I found a deal to get four of the same model at a discount – they were just about to discontinue the line, so even though they were brand new, we got them cheap. Husband for the win!

The kids were about as enthusiastic as possible, which is to say they accepted their new laptops with a grunt and a shrug, and went off to do mysterious things with them. I immediately got mine set up for the big proposal I was preparing for, trying to woo my largest client yet. When the big meeting came around, I was glad to know I had a new laptop, running smooth and fast, and felt very professional as I checked my briefcase to make sure I’d brought it along, as it had my presentation and all my backup materials.

At the office, I shook hands, accepted a cup of coffee, and pulled out the laptop to begin setting up. I flipped it open, and instead of my presentation on the screen, there was a recipe for cupcakes. Panic sweeping through me, I confirmed with a few clicks that I’d brought my wife’s laptop instead of mine.

The funny thing was, the presentation went well anyway – I knew the material perfectly, and just winged it. Sweating bullets, I was amazed to discover I could pull data out of my head and sound confident doing it, and somehow I think that actually impressed the client!

That night though, I told my wife about it over a glass of wine as we celebrated, and she got up and returned with our laptops and a set of stickers. She put a red dot on hers and a blue dot on mine and suggested this way we’d never repeat the mistake. I thought about it, but realized I’d never have seen that sticker once the laptop was in my briefcase. But my wife, as always, was one step ahead, and showed me the Clear Bag Store. We ordered a Computer Laptop bag for me – and I love it. It’s sturdy, it’s big enough for all my stuff, and best of all I can be certain with just a glance that I have not only the right laptop, but everything else I need for my day’s work.

And, bonus – I get a lot of attention for it because it’s cool. I realize that when I walk into a conference room with this in my hand, I look like a hip young professional, and everyone sort of takes me more seriously as a creative guy. I think the clear laptop bag has taken five years off my age!

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