Clear Lunch Totes Promote a Healthier Workplace Environment

Clear Lunch Totes Promote a Healthier Workplace Environment

As the manufacture of Clear Lunch Totes we are committed to safety at school or work. Your perspective on workplace theft likely depends on whether you are an employee or an employer, and whether you work in an office situation or in the retail or service industries. Are offices that employ ‘white collar’ workers are generally less concerned with employee theft, despite the fact that it occurs just as often? The difference is typically only in that the items or materials being stolen by employees in offices are not the actual products of the company or cash, as is typical in retail and service industries.

Despite this, it’s becoming more and more common for employers to require employees to bring clear lunch totes into the workplace, whether it’s an office or a retail store. And while many employees may be insulted at the implications, the fact is, a policy for clear lunch totes will not only help reduce employee theft, but will encourage a healthier and happier workplace environment as well.

Clear Lunch Totes for Work

First of all, clear lunch totes have consistently proven effective at reducing instances of employee theft from businesses. This has both practical and psychological aspects:

  • Practical: Clear lunch totes make it impossible to conceal items for transport out of the workplace. While carefully arranging other items around stolen materials may work, this requires much more time and planning and is often only partially effective overall.
  • Psychological: A clear lunch totes such as our Medium Clear Tote Bag from the Clear Bag Store makes people conscious of what’s in their bags. This is a benefit for people when traveling through airports or packing up lunch for their kids. It’s a detriment to someone trying to keep calm as they transport stolen goods.

The end result of a mandate for clear lunch totes at almost any workplace is a decrease in employee theft. Beyond that, the overall effect is almost always positive.

Positive Aspects of Clear Lunch Totes

The reason a policy for clear bags makes for a healthier work environment is simple: Suspicion is eliminated. In offices or workplaces where management suspect employee theft – justifiably or not – it creates an environment of suspicion and doubt. Employees become resentful of being treated like criminals. Despite a lack of evidence, and employer’s feedback on that resentment by interpreting it as guilt. The environment can quickly turn poisonous.

Instituting a “clear lunch totes” policy, however, removes this. As all employees are treated the same and resentment doesn’t build up. Since the clear bags themselves help preclude the possibility of crime, managers can relax and rely on this simple security step to eliminate most if not all theft from the workplace. A more relaxed and trusting environment ensues. Even the instances of stolen lunches from the break room are reduced by the use of clear lunch totes!

In the end, whether you suspect employees are stealing or not, a clear bag policy can improve morale simply by preventing any other sort of security or anti-theft policies from becoming necessary. Combined with the other benefits of clear bags, there’s every reason to consider this policy for your workplace.

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