Clear Bag Crafting

Clear Bag Crafting

I am an avid crafter. I am always knitting, sewing, drawing, and painting. I am often working on multiple projects at once, and I like to take them with me when I go to visit friends. Usually, I end up shoving all of my supplies into an old backpack. Inevitably, things get lost and my yarn gets tangled, but none of those were enough to motivate me to invest in a better bag. That is, not until I visited my best friend Susan.

Susan needed some help with a craft project of her own and knew who to call. Quickly, I dumped all of my supplies into my old backpack and drove to her house. While there, I set my bag down on her carpet as she showed me the old wooden desk she wanted to paint. I told her I had plenty of colors and reached into my bag.

My hand came up blue. In a panic, I realized one of my paint jars had opened up. Mortified, I lifted up my bag to see that the paint had seeped onto her white carpet! I apologized profusely and attempted to clean it up but with no success. I of course told her that I would pay for a cleaner. Being a good friend, she said I didn’t need to, but of course I insisted, embarrassed that I had stained her carpet.

Then I remembered I drove to her house. Was the paint leaking in my car too? I ran to my car to see a fist sized blue stain on my seat. I groaned, looking between my ruined backpack and my car.

To thank me for hiring a professional to clean her carpet, Susan bought me a multi purpose bag from The Clear Bag Store. At first I laughed about it, but you know what? That bag has come in handy! I moved all my crafting supplies into it the next day. The multiple interior pockets are great for organization. I can sort all of my paintbrushes and knitting needles. The clear bag also makes for easy clean up in the event of another paint spill-it wipes right off! But the inner and outer nylon lining ensures that none of my paints will ever leak out again. The bag also has a handy shoulder strap, as well as handles, so I can carry it whatever way is most comfortable. But the best part of the bag is being able to see everything that’s in it. There’s no more digging around and getting my yarn tangled in everything. Instead, all I have to do is look at what for what I need and reach in and grab it! I loved the clear bag so much that I even ended up buying a clear pencil case so I can always find whatever colored pencil I need in an instant. While I’m sorry I damaged her carpet, I am so thankful that Sue found me a solution to all my crafting woes.

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