Clear Carrier Bags for the NFL Perfect for the Off Season

Clear Carrier Bags for the NFL Perfect for the Off Season

The season for you clear carrier bag for the NFL games is about over. Or is it? Waste not, want not, as they say. With the NFL season drawing to its exciting Superbowl conclusion, most teams and their fans have shut down for the off-season. Some are home licking their wounds and plotting their revenge strategies. For a lot of fans that means that their new clear carrier bags also enter the off season. Clear totes bought and loved (or tolerated) during the season to comply with the NFL’s new policies regarding what you can and can’t take to the stadium are needing some useful ideas.

You may have bought them for a specific purpose, but clear carrier bags can be used in a wide variety of ways to make them keep earning their keep. Even when your team is out of it, you can use them as beach carry-alls, road trip storage, for class trips and shopping excursions. Or use them creatively to decorate and brighten things up a bit, using some of the suggestions here!

Clear Carrier Bags Idea: Decoration

You know what’s great about clear carrier bags? They’re clear! And they have sturdy handles that can suspend them from doorknobs, hooks, or anything else you can think of.

Take your favorite large clear tote bag and fill it with something colorful. Marbles. Jelly beans. Seashells. Sand. Weight is a factor depending on what you’ll be hanging the bag from, but feel free to get creative and create your own looks with whatever you can think of. Crayons! Glitter! Literally anything. With just the addition of color and texture your clear bags can spend the off-season making your home into a much prettier place.

And, just as an extra idea: What about those plastic football helmets you get in vending machines? Collect a few dozen of your team and make your bag into an off-season fan as well.

Clear Carrier Bags Idea: Practical Storage

These days we have a lot of uses for clear carrier bags and plastic bags in general: We use them as garbage receptacles, kitty litter depositories, recycling – anything, really. As a result it’s a rare modern home that doesn’t contain a truly startling number of plastic bags of various kinds.

So, where do you keep your endless plastic bags collected from shopping excursions? Well, in the off-season why not turn your sturdy, large clear tote bag into a plastic baggie storage receptacle? It makes selecting just the right bag for the purpose a breeze, the tote can be hung from the garbage room door or over the litter boxes wherever it makes sense – and your life just got a tiny bit easier.

In fact, during the off-season whatever purpose you find for your dormant clear carrier bags, we’re willing to bet that when next season starts up again, you’ll buy a brand new clear tote bag because your previous year’s will be so firmly established in its new role.

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