Back Just In Time to Save the World with Clear Bags

Back Just In Time to Save the World with Clear Bags

Greetings from The Clear Bag Store! You may have noticed we went under the radar for a while. We had some nagging issues with our website, and as anyone who’s ever started a renovation in their house knows, once you start poking around you quickly decide to just tear it all out and start fresh – which is what we did. We’re back with a fresh new design, a more user-friendly online store, and some brand new product ranges.

And just in time, too! Between all the schools adopting new clear bag policies in the wake of even more (unbelievable) school violence and the new NFL All Clear policy at stadiums, the world needs The Clear Bag Store more than ever. With great power comes great responsibility as the saying goes – and we’re ready to save the world from Clear Bag Madness.

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