You will be required to have a clear bag if you need a bag into Bryant-Denny Stadium

Clear purses are now the ultimate solution to fan safety in stadiums. Fan safety has always been a matter of concern for many sports managers. The security threats could come from a radicalized youth to an irresponsible gun handler. Many sports organizations are rethinking of their commitment to fan safety while trying to ensure that the fans are comfortable watching their favorite teams play.

The NFL led the way in instituting clear bag policies on stadiums where their games played. Universities, conferences, business organizations, and sports management boards such as Clemson University have taken up the mantle and are restricting the entry of bags and cases to the event venues. It is easy to hide a prohibited item in a bag such as drugs or weapons. However, with the recent institution of the clear bags, it is now hard for one to come in with any of the items.

The University of Alabama is not to be left behind in the new security measures as it instituted a new clear bag policy for all the football games happening this fall. The new rules restricts which bag can enter the Bryant-Denny Stadium (IMAGE)

According to the press statement released by the University athletics communications department, no containers, or bags that are bigger than a small hand-held purse (4.5” X 6.5”) will be allowed into the stadium. These bags include cinch bags, fanny packs, backpacks, coolers, briefcases, computer bags, camera and binocular cases and luggage of any kind.

 Clear bags specifications by the University of Alabama

The bags that will be allowed to the stadium must be clear, made of either the PVC, vinyl or the clear plastic, and does not exceed the official tote size, which is 12 inches by 6 inches by 12 inches in size. There will be the official Alabama Crimson Tide logo clear bags available at Shop., Academy Sports and Outdoors, SupeStore, Wal-Mart and Hibbett Sports among others. Fans can find the official clear bags in many of the local retailers around the stadium area.

The university will also allow one-gallon clear plastic freezer bags which could be ziplock or similar. If any of the fans has medical conditions that makes them carry medical gadgets or medicine, the cases carrying such will be allowed in to the stadium upon inspection by the officials.

 Why are the clear bags the solution?

Clear bags allow easy and speedy inspections of luggage at the entrance without having to open the bag and remove the contents. It is harder for people with malicious intentions to sneak in prohibited items into the stadium and threaten peace and security. Inspections at the entrance are now faster thereby doing away with the long lines experienced in many sporting events.

Clear bags of the size can carry virtually anything that one wants in the stadium such as the camera, binoculars, and such. It is the perfect balance between safety and fan convenience.

If you are fan looking forward to attend the games, consider buying a clear bag for the games. It will be less of hustle to get in. The bag can be used in different events where clear bag policy is enforced.



Clemson Implements Clear Bag Policy

Clear Bag Policy: Clemson follows suit in implementing all clear handbags

Yet another clear bag policy. This time, Clemson. Clear purses and totes are making way to South Carolina after Clemson Athletics adopted the clear bag policy in new raft of safety measures for the 2016 games and beyond. According to the officials, the organization is committed to providing a safer environment for fans to enjoy the game. It was looking for ways to quicken the speed at which fans get into the field. Currently, there are always long lines of fans as they go through security checkups.

Clemson Clear Bag Policy

The Clear Bag Store

Bags are the biggest reasons for the snarl-ups seen at the entrances, as each bag must be checked by the security. With the clear, bag policy, this process will be much easier. Clemson S.C, working with the department of homeland security, law enforcement officials and Clemson University police have also come up with a voucher system for the re-entry into the stadium.

Fan entering the stadium with bags that are larger than the standard 4.5” X 6.5” purses must come with the plastic bags. This is the similar trend adopted by many of the NFL stadiums in the area. Thus, most fans that will be attending the games starting September 3, 2016 already know the clear bag policy drill.

The growing clear bags trend

Several colleges, universities and other institutions are implementing this idea of clear bags. NFL stadiums were the first to institute the clear bag policy in 2013. To encourage the fans to have more clear bags for Clemson athletics and much more, the athletic department in conjunction with IPTAY will provide every season ticket account with a clear bag during the fan day event that will be taking place on August 21 2016. There are also several retailers in the area that have the approved bags available in their stores. Clemson Athletics is also doing away with hand stamp for the re-entry. All the fans that wish to return to the stadium in a particular game must have picked up the voucher when exiting the stadium. The voucher must be handed over to the entry officials on re-entry to the stadium. The vouchers will only be available up to the final quarter of the games after which fans that exit the stadium will not be allowed to re-enter into the stadium.

Clear plastic bag specifications

Clear plastic bag, PVC, or vinyl bags that are of the official Clemson plastic tote size of 12” X 6” X 12” are allowed to the stadium. The Ziploc bag totes and the one-gallon clear plastic freezer bags can be used. Fans with small; clutch bags the size of the hands and without a strap will be allowed to the stadium. However, there will be an exception of the necessary medical equipment. The officials at the entry will examine all medical equipment.

Fans can carry gadgets such as binoculars and cameras to the stadiums. However, their cases will not be allowed in. Moreover, the fans are allowed to cum with the stadium cushions and seatbacks except those that come with the arms. Artificial noisemakers, weapons, poles, banners, backpacks and outside food and drinks will not be allowed to the stadium.



Davis Wade Stadium Clear Bag Policy

Davis Wade Stadium Puts in Place a Clear Bag Policy

The fan safety has become one of the most heated subjects in the sports management arena. Many sports management boards and universities are putting in place measures to enhance the safety of every fan in their stadiums. Moreover, big conventions are following suit to enhance their security provision to their fans.

The latest entrant into the security foray is the Mississippi State with the implementation of the clear bag policy in 2016 football season mat the Davis Wade Stadium. The clear bag policy takes effect starts on September 3, 2016 in the first game against South Alabama. This follows the NFL model that is gaining adoption in schools, colleges, and organizations around America and beyond. Some of the leading states taking up these measures include South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Florida, and Alabama and may more.  (image)

Clear bags allowed at Davis Wade Stadium

Davis Stadium officials will only allow clear tote bags that are not larger than 12” X 6” X 12” or the clear freezer bags that do not exceed the size of one gallon. The only non-clear bags that will make it to the stadium are small hand-held purses that do not the size of 4.5” X 6.5”. The stadium did not stop the fans from carrying electronic gadgets such as the smart phones, binoculars, and cameras. However, the items will have to be carried without their cases. In addition, only one bag and a clutch will be allowed by one fan.

There will be the exception of those that use the medical gadgets or medication that required one to keep them away from the sunshine. The stadium officials at the entrance will implement this exception.

In a statement, the state said that the implementation of these rules would help expedite the process of entry into Davis Wade Stadium. It saw this as a perfect balance between the safety of the spectators and the convenience of having the bags in the stadium. In fact, it has set four lanes for the fans that will get into the stadium without any bag. Like in many stadiums across the USA, there are always long lines as fans wait to be cleared at the entrance

How does the clear bag improve security?

A clear bag is easily searched without one having to open the bag. Having a clear bag at the entrance will help reduce the faulty searches. It also allows easy spotting of the prohibited items by the officials at the entrance to the stadium.

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Clear Bags for the Work Place Offer Great Benefits

Clear Bags for the Work Place Offer Great Benefits

Clear bags for the work place have become very popular these days. Security and loss prevention are on the minds of business owners and employees alike. However, they also boast a wonderful minimalist look that showcases a clean, clear and water resistant place to store valuables. If you’ve been around back in early 2000 then you’ve probably seen how plain these clear bags once were. Back in the day, they usually come in one or two designs and didn’t have a lot of style going on back then. But gone are the days when we’re stuck with bland bags because now our bags have more flair and oomph factor that most will love. The Clear Bag Store line of transparent bags are simple yet totally appropriate for everyday use and there is a style for everyone. Men, women, young or old.

Safety is everyone’s priority especially when it comes to work and in public areas.  Many companies require their employees to use clear lunch bags for the work place whenever they enter or exit the premises. Clear backpacks have proven to be a beneficial element to overall school security plans. Even the NFL and college football realize the positive effects these simple mandates make.We came up with different designs so that our consumers won’t feel like it’s a uniform, something that they can relate to which will really make them happy.


Clear Bags for the Work Place – Eight Reasons To Get Yours Today

According to most, here are the top eight reasons as to why they bought a clear bag and why you should also grab one for your own today:

  • Made of quality materials

We make sure that all the materials we use on all of our items are the highest quality. Our bags are handmade and inspected for impressive workmanship. Everything from The Clear Bag Store zippers, shoulder straps and ultra clear PVC are made to last a long time.

Clear bags for the work place

  • Minimizes risk of bringing unwanted items and violence

With the kind of world we live in today, there are a lot of undesirable things that can be hidden in a bag. A clear bag not only makes its contents visible to authorities but it also lessens someone’s motive to bring in those unwanted items.

  • Minimizes theft at the work place

A certain number of work places in different states have imposed the mandatory use of clear bags. The reason behind is not only because they want to monitor their employees when they go in and out of their establishment but also because they need to make sure that theft is minimized in the work place. The Clear Bag Store has been dedicated to designing and manufacturing clear bags for the work place since 2007. We take pride in being the clear handbag and clear backpack leading authority.

  • Waterproof/Water Resistant

Not only good when it comes to our unpredictable wet weather but it is also handy when it comes to accident-prone places such as the lunch room where spills are inevitable. Our clear plastic will protect most issues you run into. However, it is true; the clear bags for the workplace seams and zippers are not waterproof and will leak if the bags are filled with water or submerged.

  • Easy to clean

Spilled soup on your clear bag? No problem because it is very easy to wipe off. All you need is a wet nap and you’re all set.

  • Easy to find items

A large number of women use clear makeup bags for a reason. Not only is it easier to clean in case your liquid foundation spills but it is also easier find your favorite lipstick because of the proper lighting a clear bag has.

  • Reusable

Clear bags for the work place are more durable than cloth and can be easily cleaned when there are spills inside. Tough and rugged bags for everyday use at work or school.

Do clear bags for the work place sound like your bag of choice? If it is, you can check our collection out and fall in love with one today.

wholesale clear bags

Clear Handbags and Clear Backpacks Collection – The Clear Bag Store

Clear handbags are essential for mandated security checkpoints. The Clear Bag Store has worked on the design, functionality and engineering of its collection of plastic clear handbags to ensure that it meets the expectations of the users.

All of our plastic clear handbags are created out of high-quality PVC plastic and are, therefore, extremely durable. They are easy to clean and easy to carry. Moreover, since they are clear and see-through to serve the purpose for security mandates, individuals can easily browse through them without the need of emptying the whole bag.

Clear Handbags

Quality Clear Handbags

Quality is the basic priority of The Clear Bag Store as we know what users expect out of our clear handbags and clear backpacks. Our sturdy range of plastic clear handbags is crafted for everyday use and it is comparatively a cost-effective option as compared to other wholesale clear handbags present in the market. We believe that a plastic clear handbag should be so strong that our users must not worry about damaging it no matter how they use it.

That is why, with our range of clear handbags, you will not have to be keen on the ‘proper usage’. Just use them the way you like as they are bound to last with even the roughest use. Top features of our plastic clear handbags include mesh pockets to store a water bottle, zipper pulls and 600 denier polyester shoulder straps and piping.

The best aspect of our vinyl clear handbags is that you will not have to worry about metal detectors beeping because of the metal zippers because we use high-quality plastic zippers. In the engineering of our clear plastic bags, we have taken care of the littlest details for our users.

Our clear plastic handbags will not only enable you to pass mandated checkpoints without any trouble but will also provide you with the ease of carrying them. They are extremely comfortable and have a padded shoulder strap to make it easier for you to carry heavy materials to your office, school or anywhere else.

With their classic appeal, our clear handbags are fit to be carried in schools, colleges, offices, gyms, malls etc. Wherever there is a security mandate, you can carry our range of clear handbags without feeling too casual.

clear handbags clear backpacks

Clear Backpack Lunch Bag & Pencil Case

Once you place your order at the Clear Bag Store, you will not have to worry about waiting for long to receive it. We understand the requirements of the public and realize that since clear handbags are crucial at some places, we dispatch the orders as soon as we receive the order. If you have placed your order before 3 pm on working days, you will receive it the same day. We are famous for our shipping accuracy and we believe that it is very important for brands to put the needs of their clients first.

Our customers are extremely important for us – let it be office going individuals or school going kids. Security, comfort and ease of our clients always come the first. We are here to guide anyone who is looking for more information on our products; we can be easily reached with our contact page and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

We have worked on making security mandates less boring through developing a line of clear handbags in the classic color Black along with the color Pink, for a little attention. We also offer customized clear tote bags with Paw, Peace, and NFL Runner Sign. These items are extremely popular in our clear handbags collection.

Our customers love our products because they are different; we have taken the conventional look and functionality of clear plastic handbags and have mixed it with our own personal style to make them unique. So, we assure that every time you are carrying a piece from our collection, you will not feel ordinary.

Clear Handbags and Clear Backpacks for Selection for Many Uses

Growing number of businesses are mandating the usage of clear backpacks, clear lunch bags and clear tote bags in offices to avoid theft as clear bags wholesale are cost effective along with being see-through. Items present inside clear vinyl handbags can easily be observed and hence these bags provide quick visual access, which helps in monitoring all the items that are entering and leaving the office premises. Custom printing services are also provided especially for corporate solutions.

Who says Football is a men’s sport? Women equally enjoy it and therefore The Clear Bag Store has created plastic clear handbags keeping all the requirements of NFL in mind. You can easily carry our small clear handbags (NFL Complaint) without the stress of these bags being too big or too small.

Our plastic clear handbags are created to suit various styles and choices. Some women like carrying clear handbags on their shoulders while others like to hand carry them. No matter what your preference is, you can easily use our clear handbags according to your own liking. We also understand that everyone has a different requirement of space and therefore the clear handbags collection by The Clear Bag Store is available in three sizes: small, medium, and large so that everyone can benefit from them.

Customer loyalty is important for us. We want our customers to be completely satisfied with our products and customer service so that a positive word of mouth is spread for our business. We are always here to help our customers in any possible concerning our products or any other details that they might require. We create products for clients and therefore; it is very important for us to know that they are satisfied with them.

We also assist businesses on personalized branding solutions for security mandates and give preference to their ideas on the custom printing of clear handbags. You can contact us for any kind of feedback as it will help us to grow as a business.


Clear Cosmetic Bags for Carry on Luggage

The clear bag store pink clear cosmetic bags for carry on luggage. Stylish quart size with 3 bottles funnel.

Clear Cosmetic Bags For Carry On Luggage is a Must

clear cosmetic bags for carry on luggage – everyone needs them. Traveling outside the country for a vacation? Excited? The Clear Bag Store has come up with just the right kind of checklist for you, which will help you at every stage of packing. This checklist will also enlist products from our clear cosmetic bags collection that you can use during traveling for a safe and trouble free journey. Read more:
Following are some of the packing and travel security tips:
1. Create an online backup of important information
Paper tickets, passport photos and passport should all be scanned and readily available while traveling. You can store these scans in your email inbox or any other online portal, which will give you quick access to them.
You need to also have a complete back up of your contacts so that you know whom to dial in case you lose your ATM or credit card. In this way, you can ensure maximum travel security, as you will have an immediate access to all important information. You can also use your passport scans while applying for a new one.
It is also suggested that you put your name and address on a sticky label to display on your luggage for added travel security. If you are planning a trip to the mountains or if you just think that backpacking is a lot easier and more fun, you can try our Large Clear Backpack.
In this way, you will never have to be scared about losing your luggage and running around in terror in foreign airports.
2. Split them all up
Travelers should split up their credit cards, check books, cash and bank cards as much as possible, into various compartments and pockets in their wallets and bags. This will reduce the possibility of losing everything in case you are robbed.
Our collection of clear cosmetic bags for carry on luggage; is keenly manufactured with different compartments and pockets for the maximum usage of bag space and user ease. During your stay at the airport, you can opt for our all-purpose clear shoulder bags, to store all of your important items to foster travel security.
These pieces from our clear cosmetic bags for carry on luggage collection are basically manufactured to carry on personal toiletry essentials. However, since they are manufactured for all-purpose use, we highly recommend everyone to take them up as hand carry for the duration of their travel from the airport for electronics, office tools and supplies or anything else you need to keep safe, clean and organized.
You can use several of these clear cosmetic bags for carry on luggage to store your important items to ensure travel security.
3. Backpacking Tips
If you are using a backpack for traveling, it is recommended that your position heavier items on the top and lighter ones at the bottom. This will ensure that your travel backpack will weigh less and lesser amount of pressure is exerted on your back.
You should also position things according to how frequently you might require taking them out. As a rule of thumb, place the less-needed items at the bottom and more frequently used items at the top. If you are having a difficulty in deciding the right type of travel backpack for you, we recommend that you assess storage requirements, duration of the trip and your budget so that you make a sound decision.
4. Refillable 3 Once Bottles
To pack small liquid items and toiletries, use the convenient 3 once refillable bottles. TSA rules and regulations prefer clear and waterproof travel bottles to carry any kind of liquid. The Clear Bag Store has created TSA Complaint Clear Cosmetic bags for carry on luggage to carry important toiletries and other liquids to ensure travelers do not go through any difficulties while traveling via air.Travel tips from the clear bag store and clear cosmetic bags sylish durable quart size 3 refillable bottles and a funnel
5. Clothes
Avoid packing too many clothes for your journey especially if you plan to go towards mountainous or rural areas, where basic life necessities might seem like an everyday challenge. Opt for multipurpose clothing to be worn during the day, as well as at night, to save up your packing space and a lot of hassle for yourself.
6. Disposable Plastic Bags
It is always smart to carry spare disposable plastic bags while traveling, as they can come in handy to store dirty or wet items and can also be used as garbage bags. Airtight or ziplock plastic bags are highly recommended for this purpose. If you are carrying a travel backpack with you, you can store your dirty clothes easily at the bottom.
7. Beach planning
Going to Thailand, Bahamas or any other location with exotic beaches on them? Guess what? You need to pack for the beach! Get separate clear beach bags, preferably large clear tote bags from our collection for each family members own personal clear  beach bag. You need to be especially careful with beach packing, especially if you are traveling with kids.
8. Gifts
If you are traveling to meet relative or friends, avoid pre-wrapping the gifts as it is just a waste of time. By the time you reach your destination and open up your luggage, you will be met with disappointment as all the wrapping will have gone awry. If you are taking gift boxes with you, you can possibly remove the boxes, if you are running out of space. If you have a huge family, many friend and coworkers you will definitely score big with this cost effective, highly functional clear cosmetic bags wholesale gift idea.
9. Diaper Bag
A travel diaper bag becomes an absolute compulsion if you are traveling with babies. Clear cosmetic bags wholesale collection at the Clear Bag Store offers Clear Shoulder Bags. These bags are great to be used for all of your babies needed items to be found quickly and easily. Even if you are not traveling with babies, you can carry this clear shoulder bag to be used as a convenient day bag, clear gym bag or clear laptop bag.
10. Shoes
Carrying shoes is a little tricky; it is best if you place them inside old socks to make sure that your bags remain odor free and clean. You can also place them inside ziplock plastic bags.

The Clear Bag Store is here for all of your clear handbags, backpacks and carry on clear bag needs. Call us for personal service, questions or comments. We appreciate your business. Thank you.


Clear Backpacks Wholesale- The Leading Authority

Clear Backpacks Wholesale are Economical and an Effective Solution

Clear Backpacks wholesale are perfect for work, sporting events and school security mandates. These medium clear backpacks wholesale are great for security mandates for the safety of students and employees or for loss prevention of supplies and inventory. These provide for an excellent cost effective means for people from all walks of life. These prudent solutions to your carrying needs make your life simpler. Keeping in mind the various needs of our valued clientele, we have designed these clear bags to serve the prime of efficiency, thereby enabling you to commute in a hassle free manner. You do not have to worry about getting various expensive bags which do not provide ample room for all your necessary items. With these clear bags at your disposal, you can have a way of securing your needed items in an inexpensive bundle of convenience which you can carry around effortlessly.
Three Sizes: The Clear Bag Store offers 3 sizes of backpacks. The small toddler clear backpack sold at wholesale prices is perfect for your little buddies or princesses. Be sure to check the size on the small toddler clear backpacks. They are for the smallest of children. These provide a way to help your youngsters take care of all their belongings while making a fashion statement of sorts. With the convenience of the smaller size, your children will not find it hard to look after their items of personal use.

Clear Backpacks Wholesale prices for work or school security mandates.

Clear Backpacks Wholesale

They will actually look forward to traveling with their own transparent bags to carry. There is ample room for lunch or a toy to keep your child company through the various commutes of the expanding city life. The medium see through backpacks are great for smaller boys and girls from the first grade to high school.
Convenient and Comfortable: These clear backpacks wholesale provide a chance to these young children to keep their personal belongings in an organized manner. This will also inculcate the sense of responsibility and tidiness in the youngsters. Large clear backpacks wholesale are big and roomy, adult size to handle the biggest of loads for a busy day. Now, you do not have to worry about not having enough space to put in your various phone chargers, lunch boxes and a plethora of stuff that might come in handy whilst you are off to new places. You can also put your favorite books and not worry about getting bored or culture deprived while on those long subway rides. Also, you can have a pocket reserved for carrying your cosmetics and never worry about looking tired while traveling. With the rising trend of photography across the world, you will have ample space to put in your high resolution camera to take memorable photos while out and about. There is something for everyone and makes a great choice for adults: especially corrections officers, students, or anyone who is mandated for security checks.

Heavy Duty and Reliable Clear Backpacks Wholesale:

The medium clear backpacks wholesale made out of sturdy and rugged ultra clear PVC material that is strong and durable. The owner will find all of their gear easily, it’s no hassle. And, this clear backpack gives you 100 percent visibility for security checkpoints for accuracy and quickness. Both the owner and security officer know where things are at a glance. Transparent for security, low maintenance, easy to use and easy to clean with a damp cloth or rinse under the sink and hang to dry; these backpacks are perfect for everyday use.
This means that you can travel free of any doubts or concerns that your bag is going to leave you high and dry in the middle of your commute. These bags will serve as strong and sturdy companions no matter how far you intend to go. The quality of these bags is impeccable and you can pass them on to your young ones and still see that their quality remains the same as that of the first day.
Many Styles to Choose From: If the standard backpack is not your style we offer clear plastic bags wholesale in several styles to meet your needs. Clear Tote Bags are stylish which cater to the fashion conscious. These bags come in black and pink and you can choose the color according to your preference. For the bold and sporty, the pink clear plastic bag will suit their vivacious personality. While for the practical and business oriented, the black clear bag serves as the ideal choice to carry around while traveling. With many prints such as Fight Like a Girl, Skull and Crossbones, Paw, Peace Symbol or even the clear picture pocket tote bag you are sure to find the perfect clear tote for you. In this way you can not only make a statement by choosing the right color according to your personality, but also make a statement with these personalized symbols and let your bag do the talking. Clear Shoulder Bags, like the Clear Laptop Bags and Clear Duffle Bag are economical, comfortable and very smart when it comes to organization and ease of use. You no longer have to worry about the safety of your valuable laptops or cell phones while traveling. You can safely carry your fragile and expensive electronics with ease within the secure compartments of these Clear Shoulder Bags. Clear Cosmetic Bags are perfect for neat storage of pens and pencils, school or work supplies and electronic equipment. You can store any item that is of a smaller size in here and never have to worry about not finding your pens and pencils when you need them. The Clear Messenger Bag is perfect for busy people on the move with and adjustable, comfortable shoulder strap which allows for easy access of needed items without missing a step. Most of The Clear Bag Stores line of Clear Handbags comes in three sizes and black or pink. With these Clear Handbags to provide you with ample storage and convenience, you need not worry about the safety and convenience of having to carry a multitude of items, all at the same time.

Thank you: Clear Backpacks Wholesale for cost effective solutions for security and loss prevention Clear Backpacks at Wholesale Prices. We are here for you. Just give us a call if you need help or information. We appreciate your business.


Wholesale Clear Backpacks

As Spring Break comes nearer, more and more retailers of travel accessories and travel bags are stocking up on clear backpacks in bulk. With vacations approaching rapidly, teens are preparing for the best time of the year; Spring Break! This is a time that every retailer can take advantage of, to make some serious profits.
This vacation period provided by schools and universities all over USA is an opportunity staring retailers in the face, particularly for those stores that deal in travel accessories. Spring Break is a time to enjoy the freedom that students get from their institutes and studies, with most people simply packing up single packs or small bags to carry. These vacationers don’t need to pack a week long worth of clothes and other belongings; all they need is the vacation and partying spirit to accompany them; and that can easily fit in the clear backpack that are provide at The Clear Bag Store!
An average spring breaker usually needs to pack and include; a pair of favorite jeans because they can be worn wear anywhere more than once; a sweater or alternatively, a hoodie, in case it gets chillier than expected; and of course, a couple of bathing suits to wear at the beach parties. Some spring breakers even like to pack a single dressy outfit in case they are invited to a high end party that few are invited to.
However, to pack and carry all of these clothing items, every party goer needs a stylish bag that they can carry with all their other personal belongings. Clear backpacks are therefore, the best choice in terms of both convenience and function, with plenty of room for the luggage and a stylish appearance.
Thus, the clear backpacks in bulk sold by the travel shops are the perfect combination for spring break vacations in terms of projecting an individual’s style statement, as well as being easy to carry. Since the Clear Bag Store has an infinite variety of contemporary designs, it is the go-to bag company for most if not all the stores that are stocking up for spring break. Everyone likes to take fashion risks at spring break, but with the kind of clear backpacks we provide, there are no risks at all. It can perfectly complement the type of fashion you are interested in, and no matter what, you are guaranteed to standout from the crowd and turn heads. This is perhaps the best thing one can hope for at spring break; obtaining the attention of the crowd.
Clear backpacks in bulk at the Clear Bag Store are not only stylish; they are also a very strong and sturdy. At spring break, everyone brings only what they absolutely need; and nothing else; and with clear backpacks, they can securely carry their limited belongings without worrying about losing them. These clear backpacks are time tested for their durability and are made of materials of unparalleled quality, fitted with strong zippers that are guaranteed to keep your articles safe.
Spring break is usually a wild ride for all party lovers in high schools, colleges, and universities. It is a vacation where low quality backpacks just won’t survive more than a couple days. The best thing then is to partner up with a clear backpack for ultimate stress free travel; and the backpacks at the Clear Bag Store provide just that with their durability and strength being one of the unique selling points.
The clear backpacks in bulk that the travel stores are now offering widely, are not only very stylish and strong but in addition to these fine qualities, they are quite functional as well. These clear backpacks are, as the name suggests, transparent, but what is the significance of this? Have you ever thought of that?
The most legendary of spring break locations are beach localities within Miami, Florida, Bahamas, and Panama Beach. Thus, it’s perfectly fine when spring breakers are traveling by land, by what if they have to travel by air? As per the air travels rules set by the TSA; all travelers must carry their belongings and other small travel accessories in clear bags. Although this is simply for the items within the backpack, think how much more convenient it will be for the travelers if the bag itself is clear and can easily tell the airport personnel about the items being carried within it?
In this way, travelers can rapidly move from through the airport from one security checkpoint to another without any type of problems or delays. This is the type of convenience that you can offer to your spring vacationing customers if you choose to buy strong and sturdy clear backpacks in bulk.
There are so many good qualities of clear backpacks, but to be sum it up, here they are a few pointers so you can easily remember to describe them all to your potential clients who come to buy these amazing backpacks from you. They have an eye catching, unique yet contemporary design, perfect for fashion fanatics. They are also sturdy and durable so the spring breakers will never have to worry about losing their things or carrying them in rough or rugged terrains. There is enough space in the backpack to hold a week’s worth of belongings, ideal for spring break vacation. As the backpack is clear, people can easily search through their belongings, without having to empty the bag to reach that one item.
Stock your store with clear backpacks from the Clear Bag Store, before the spring break rush begins! Make sure you offer your customers with the best of backpacks that are reliable for all the spring break action!

Clear Backpacks

Pink Clear Backpacks are a Dream Come True

The Leading Authority in Clear Handbags and Pink Clear Backpacks

Pink Clear Backpacks are the perfect choice when security is a huge concern in schools and workplaces. Wow! Totally unique and eye catching.  Read more:

A growing number of schools and workplaces in the United States are making it mandatory for their students and employees to carry clear handbags and clear backpack. This change in the law has created a lot of demand for clear plastics handbags in the market and The Clear Bag Store is just an initiative to cater to this market segment with the highest quality transparent plastics bags.
When it becomes to requirements for a person to carry a certain type of a bag to a specific venue, people are not left with a lot of choice to display their personal style statement while bearing with the laws at the same time. However, in such a situation finding customizable solutions definitely puts a smile of people’s faces. The pink clear backpacks from The Clear Bag Store have the “wow” factor!
This is the approach, which the Clear Bag Store follows, as we believe that it is important for the public to abide with the official policies while enjoying them at the same time. The public should not view these policies as a burden and therefore we have incorporated all the details in our whole clear bags to ensure that they are aesthetically liked by everyone while providing them great comfort.
Backpacks for schools are the most essential item in a student’s life as it is an investment, which is supposed to last for long. The clear backpacks collection at the Clear Bag Store is carefully created to cater the needs of school going students while keeping their health a major priority.

Pink Clear Backpacks

Eye Catching Style:  The color pink is the copyright of females, no matter what their age is. Females love this color as it defines who they are and that is why we have created Pink Clear Backpacks. We understand that complying with the security rules of schools can be a bit daunting for young girls as they despise carrying ‘male looking’ bags. The main purpose of our Pink Clear Backpacks is to keep the young girls happy as they leave for their schools every day in the morning. In fact, for that purpose we have also created clear pink lunch bags and clear pink tote bags so that young girls do not have to forcefully use black lunch bags.
Sturdy and durable:  Young children are always rushing and never caring about their possessions. Our Pink Clear Backpacks can go through all the challenges of being used in the school environment and still thrive for a longer time. Our Pink Clear Backpacks are created from sturdy vinyl plastic material, which is highly durable and therefore young girls really do not have to take much care of their bags while in the school. Pink Clear Backpacks from our collection can be easily cleaned in case something spills, which makes them very efficient. They can also be easily cleaned just using a damp cloth.

Lots of Space: Space is usually a big concern for school going kids as every class has a different space requirement. In order to solve this problem, our pink clear backpacks are available in three sizes: small, medium, and large to keep school girls from every class happy. Moreover, our clear bags have great depth and hence a lot can be fit in them. Space will never be a problem for young girls using our clear backpacks for school.

Fast Navigation and Visual Access:  Need something quickly out of the bag? Pink Clear Backpacks from the whole clear bags collection at the Clear Bag Store come with two major front pockets to keep any items that required to be taken out again and again. Our zippers are created from highly quality materials and hence opening the front pockets repeatedly would never be a problem. Moreover, there are vertical pockets on both the sides that can be used to house bottles.
Functionality and Ethic:  These Pink Clear Backpacks are highly functional and can be used on daily basis without a problem. We have also made sure that our whole clear bags collection is very health-friendly and therefore our Pink Clear Backpacks are created in a manner that they exert the minimum pressure on the shoulders and back of young girls. We realize that young girls are sensitive and hence consider it our duty to ensure their well-being and good health through our products.
We also advise parents to ensure the weight of the school backpack of their young children to make sure that they are not carrying a load, which could possibly have negative impacts on their health.
Parents should teach their kids to properly adjust the straps of their school backpacks according to their height and the backpack weight so that they do not get tired just carrying the load around with them. Through the adjustable straps present in our Pink Clear Backpacks, you can ensure that your young girls are at comfort when they are carrying the school backpack.
Security:  Pink Clear Backpacks from our collection will pass through security checks in no time and are complaint to school security rules, as they are see-through. A growing number of gyms these days also have policies for clear plastic bags and hence our clear backpacks can also be taken to the gym without any issue.
Vision:  Our aim is to create products that cater to everyone’s needs and therefore our collection of whole clear bags are created keeping the personal preferences of a diverse population in mind. We strive to provide messenger solutions to cater to security needs of various venues that have made the usage of clear plastic bags a compulsion.
We wholeheartedly support women and that reflects from the small details we have paid attention to in our collection of whole clear bags. Our clear ‘fight like a girl’ tote bag celebrates womanhood, creating awareness of breast cancer among young girls.

Clear Bags for Work Mandates

Clear Messenger Bag is a Perfect Solution for Mandates

The Leading Authority – Clear Plastic Handbag and Clear Messenger Bag

Functionality is smart and there are so many uses of the clear messenger bag from our clear plastic handbag collection.  Read More:

Whenever it comes to carrying every day utilities to and from the workplace, gym, or an event, there is a variety of bags to choose from. However, there is a constant battle between high functionality and fashion when it comes to bags.
Advertisements all around us as they dictate us what is in fashion or not and just like sheep almost all of us follow the orders of advertisers. However, this is the age where people are mostly running out of time and require high functionality in their every day utilities.
A bag is an important everyday item, which is used to carry several things on daily basis; no matter where you are going, you have a requirement of carrying something or the other every single day. Therefore, what is in these days is durability and high functionality, which is making the usage of simple yet useful bags quite trendy.
The Clear Bag Store has created the clear messenger bag keeping the basic requirements of the customers in mind. The clear messenger bag is meant to be used on daily basis having ample space to carry all the important things. There is no specification as to what you can carry in a clear messenger bag as it is literally meant to carry anything.
This piece from out collection reflects the classic functionality with a modern aesthetic appeal; the core function of this bag is high usability on daily basis along with security to be used in workplaces and schools. We have designed the clear messenger bag from our collection in a manner that it looks just as good to be liked by the masses. We understand that at some places where it is a binding law to carry all the goods in a clear bag, people might have to compromise their fashion sense, and hence we have created this bag in a way that it looks sophisticated when carried by people of any age, fashion sense, or style.
The clear messenger bag is an absolute fit for the bustling streets of downtown where people have to move in between traffic and crowds to reach their schools or workplaces. In such an environment, protection of all the material that is contained in the bag requires consideration. The clear messenger bag can be easily carried in between crowds without the fear of hurting your shoulder too much or damaging any time-sensitive goods. It serves all the practical everyday purposes
The durability of the clear messenger bag cannot be questioned by any one as it created with durable clear plastic vinyl for orthodox functionality mixed in with contemporary style. Clear bags are generally great because one can clearly see what is inside the bag and thus do not have to scroll the entire bag. This characteristic makes clear bags a must-have for every woman!
Comfort, Convenience and Functional:  Every feature of this bag is carefully designed for high convenience – the front pockets can easily be used to carry small items that are required to be taken out every now and then. Special compartments on both the sides are created for the storage of water bottles and other important items.
The Clear messenger bag has handles along with shoulders straps so that anyone can use it in a way they like. They can be handheld or carried on the shoulder as per the requirements and liking of the users. In addition, the straps can be adjusted in length to match the requirements of different occasions.
There is padding provided on the straps keeping the comfort of the users in mind as The Clear Bag Store believes that users can only be truly satisfied if care is show to them. In the hustle and bustle of the modern society, health can be taken for granted in no time and hence we have manufactured all of our products in a way that along with being highly functional they pamper your health as well. All of these features are also reflected in our other popular items such as the Clear Duffle Bag, Clear Laptop Bag etc.

Clear Messenger Bag for Security Measures

Rules and regulations stating the usage of clear bags initially arose from TSA and NFL and since that time majority of the workplaces, hospitals, casinos; factories and department stores are making it a compulsion for people to carry their goods in a clear plastic bag because of security concerns.
These regulations are bringing clear plastic bags in a high demand in public, as it has become a compulsion for them. Majority of the clear plastic bags present in the market are of low quality and do not fit the everyday requirements of users. Therefore, the Clear Bag Store focuses on all the aspects of the production of clear plastic bags to suit the needs and requirements of students, employees, and rest of the public.
Moreover, there are also regulations present on the size of clear plastic bags for work that employees can carry. Just like everything else, the Clear Bag Store has also taken care of that aspect to make sure that users do not face any difficulty no matter where they go. Our collection of clear plastic bags is available in different sizes and colors to suit the needs of people of any age or gender.
Our TSA Complaint ‘His’ Travel Bag is especially created for males who need to carry important liquid items like shower gels, shampoo and other necessary items while travelling via air. Similarly, our clear lunch bags are available in black and pink to suit both males and females. They are also present in different sizes to carry food for different shifts and timings.
Therefore, everyone will find something of his or her liking from our clear handbags and clear backpacks collection.

Don’t forget:  All of The Clear Bag Store collection comes in clear plastic bags wholesale. We appreciate you business.